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101 DIY Lawn Maintenance Tips

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Lawn Maintenance Company in Sugar Hill Georgia


You can really improve the way your home looks with a little elbow grease and some quick tips to remember about lawn care. We want to say that many yards will find these tips helpful when performing some basic landscape yard maintenance. There might be a bit of getting used to the type of work it takes to get a yard looking its best but for the most part, the lawn care tips will help to improve the way your home lawn functions and appears to the public. Here are some of the best things you can do when you don’t have a landscaping company there to help.

Best lawn maintenance tips for homes in Sugar Hill Georgia

Quick Lawn Maintenance:

  1. Sweeping the pathways around the house.
  2. Use water to hose down the walls of the house.
  3. Pick up any trash liter, debris or pet/kid items laying around the yard.
  4. Buy outdoor mats and solar energy lighting for paths around the house.
  5. Wash the mailbox and any fence or stair rails.

Best Lawn Care Tips:

  1. Mowing the lawn
  2. Trimming bushes and trees
  3. Edging the pathways and removing the weeds.
  4. Resurfacing retaining walls and medians
  5. Replanting flower beds with mulch and seeding.

These few tips can change the way your home looks in a matter of an hour or two, depending on the size of your lawn of course. Most of our customers have found that these lawn maintenance tips are burdensome to their schedules and they simply hire us to take care of all the elements of landscaping at an affordable rate that they are comfortable with. We hope you consider these tasks to get your home looking its best! If you can not find the time to make your home look great again then we can be the ones to help get your lawn in top shape!

Storm Clean Up In Sugar Hill GA

How to prepare for an upcoming storm?

The best way to get through a heavy storm safely is by remaining calm and preparing an emergency action plan beforehand. There are many other things you can do in order to prepare for a storm. You can never be too “ready”.  As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.   If you know a big storm is hitting your area, make sure to follow these steps in order to prepare for it.

Things you can do before a storm:

  • Make sure outdoor loose items are safely secured. Go around your yard and tie down or put away objects that can be lifted away by strong winds.
  • Uprooted trees are the most common and most devastating of storms. There are a few trees you should watch for that could risk being uprooted. Such as trees that have dense canopies, dead or dying trees, and young, small trees. To prepare these trees for a storm, you, or a professional, can prune and maintain them. Especially heavily dense trees, pruning will help wind flow through the canopies much easier and it’ll be less likely that it will be uprooted.
  • Park your car(s) undercover or away from trees or other objects that may fall on it.
  • If you know the storm will last for a couple of days, make sure you stock up on necessary food and appliances. Check if you have enough food and water. You can also get some batteries, flashlights, and portable chargers in case of a power outage.

Things you can do during a storm:

  • In the event of a severe storm, make sure everyone is indoors and away from windows. The safest places in a house are away from windows and rooms with strong walls. Avoid staying on the upper floors in case the roof collapse.
  • Avoid touching any floodwater.
  • Do not go outdoors until it has been announced that it is safe.


Lawn Fertilization

Lawns that receive chemical fertilization and pest control treatments are greener, more weed-free, and healthier. Our customized early season applications will give your lawn a great head-start for the growing season. Additionally, our special mixture of weed-killing formula eliminates weeds more quickly and still manages to remain environmentally friendly. Since your lawn’s needs change over the course of a year, we have created a comprehensive plan that provides just the care needed at each point.

Here at RLB Landscapers, we provide you with most effective and professional fertilization methodologies in the industry today. Our time-tested methods were constructed in a manner that optimizes resource management, including the allocation of materials utilized throughout the process. Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn is an important key to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our team will examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount, and at intervals that will be most effective.

Why wait when you get started today?

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