Landscaping in Lawrenceville Georgia

Landscaping Services in Lawrenceville, GA

Get the right landscaping services for your home or business in the state of Georgia.

The Process Of Designing The Perfect Yard

Starting with a comprehensive consultation by one of our expert lawn care designers, we then develop an appropriate landscape analysis which includes taking measurements, photographs, and talking with the prospective client about their needs and vision. RLB’s licensed landscape architects and designers can then draw a plan that is specifically tailored to the client needs. A well-detailed proposal with the cost quote and planning process overview is prepared for presentation to the client.

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Quick and Easy Sod Installations & Retaining Wall Installations in Lawrenceville, GA.

If you’ve had your eye on that “best yard of the month” sign, then it’s time for action. With our lawn care services and landscaping innovations, we’ll get your yard noticed in no time. With the proper irrigation and our expert landscaping, we’ll give you the yard of your dreams. Talk to one of our landscapers today!

Our work spans from all the necessary landscaping changes, to a remedy for severe irrigation drainage issues, to creating a landscape for the residential house that provides a shaded pavestone, landscape space, or replacing a large lawn with low-water use plants, to qualify for a city rebate.RLB landscapes has all the experience needed to complete any landscaping project. When you want landscape design and installation, just give us a call. We’ll do it all. As a design/build company, RLB landscapes design team and landscape construction crews, work to the bone to raise the bar of your yard and manage to do all of it in shortest time possible for all our installation landscape projects.

Landscaping Near Me Lawrenceville GA

We’re currently making yards beautiful one at a time in Lawrenceville, GA. When you’re ready to have the perfect yard, you’re ready to call RLB landscapes.  

Lawn Care & Landscaping services

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Lawn Maintenance

Who has time to cut the grass? Take your weekends back. Let us take care of the yard work. We’ll make you proud and your neighbors notice. That “Yard Of The Month” sign is just a phone call away. 

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Landscape Design

We’ll help you turn your yard into a backyard paradise. Once we’re done with our landscaping design, you’ll step outside to “Ahhs” & “Ohhs”. Let’s get started today!

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Irrigation Systems

Around Atlanta, yards can dry up in no time. Having an irrigation system installed can make it easy to keep your yard healthy and save water too. Let’s talk about an irrigation system for your yard. 

Lawn Care Near Me

Get the Yard of Your Dreams Today!

When it comes to making your yard look perfect, look no further than the landscapers at RLB Landscaping.We have the best quality services that will make your yard the best in your neighborhood. With our lawn care services, we can get your yard noticed in no time to win “yard of the month”. With proper irrigation and our landscaping, we’ll assure to give you the yard of your dreams. Talk to one of our landscapers today!

Affordable Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care services cost less compared to other companies without having to lose quality and time. Our team of experts will happily evaluate your lawn and offer the best plan in according to your budget. Ready to create the yard of your dreams? Call us today and let’s get started! (770) 271-3301

Lawn Care Services You’ll Love!

RLB Landscaping’s team of lawn care experts provide a wide range of lawn care services programmed to make your lawn’s grass healthier, and stronger. We offer a variety of lawn care services that you can utilize as needed.
These lawn care services include but is not limited to:

  • Aerating and Re-seeding.
  • Removal of leaves
  • Installation of Mulch
  • Precise Pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Amazing Clean Ups
  • Wonderful Plant and Tree Installations
  • Beautiful Flower Bed Renovations
  • Pine Straw Installation
  • Long lasting Irrigation Installations


Excellent customer service is guaranteed in our business. Our team is well trained to give customers the best experience. We believe in open and honest communication with our customers and welcome any questions that may arise throughout each stage of the lawn care process.  

Lawn Care Storm Cleanup in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Ever so often,houses get hit with unexpected storms or disasters. This results in a messy yard. Here at RLB Landscaping, we can get your lawn back and better than the way it was before the disaster. We have the right tool and experience to deal with any kind of lawn. RLB Landscaping will handle any lawn challenges so don’t hesitate to call!

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Landscaping Lawrenceville, GA


Lawn Care From Green To Greener!

We’re on a constant journey to make everything we touch more beautiful! While some landscaping companies around town just bring a generic lawnmower and have at it, our landscapers are the best at what they do. We only bring in the latest landscaping technologies for the best outcome possible. We will go the extra mile to help you design the yard you’ve always wanted and dreamed.If your still doubtful, just look at some of our recent spectacular landscaping works. We have provided everything from landscape design services, sprinklers, irrigation systems, hardscaping to basic lawn care. We take a great pride in our hardscaping and landscaping services which also include retaining walls and even patio installation as well! Our landscapers are always standing by to show you what excellence looks like in the lawn care industry. Get the yard of your dreams today!

our Lawn Care expertise
Why Use RLB Landscape Group?

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On Time

Other lawn care companies show up whenever, but we setup a schedule for your home or business.

Yard inspection & Plan

No two yards are the same. That's why we fully inspect your yard and develop a comprehensive plan for your lawn care and landscaping. We'll review that plan to develop a timeline that fits your needs and budget.

Detailed Lawn Care

Our goal is to amaze you with our lawn care serivices. To do that, we go the extra mile. We'll point out and fix problem areas of your yard- fire ants, pests or other problems.

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