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Our staff of seasoned experts are committed to upholding the health and integrity of your lawn via time-tested maintenance methodologies. We can also help with storm debris clean-up! 


Transform your residential, commercial, or private home’s natural environment to a botanical wonderland with a new landscape design or enhancement. A professional landscaper can manage all you needs to make you yard look great!


Lawns that receive chemical fertilization and pest control treatments are greener, more weed-free, and healthier. We’ll take care of it all for you!


Need a retaining wall? Our landscapers are committed to providing innovative custom outdoor living designs that will last for generation after generation.

Our Lawn Care Experts

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Robbie Blankenship (Landscaping Expert)

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Carrie Blankenship

“The lawn is virtually like a golf course.”

Dear Homeowner, please accept this letter of reference on Robbie Blankenship. Robbie has been maintaining our lawn for over 5 years and we could not be more pleased. He and his crew always show up on the day scheduled, and no detail is missed. They cut, weed eat, and blow and upoon completion the lawn is virtually like a golf course. Finally, if you need pine straw or fertilizer spread, roundup sprayed, or flowers planted, Robbie and his crew are for you. Needless to say, we are thrilled with Robbie and his crew. Go Robbie!
Landscaping Atlanta
Bob & Julie C- RLB Landscaping Company

Quality Lawn Care At An Affordable Rate!

Make your landscape a dream, our expert landscapers enjoy what they do. Planning and discussing a unique design while maintaining the function of lawn care makes us proud to be landscapers you can depend on for on-going routine lawn care service and landscape design. Landscapes can be both complex and simple, when a landscape looks amazing their is probably an undergoing effort to keep it that way. The method of landscaping and lawn care can be simple in terms of objectives, but the operations to complete those objectives can be sophisticated and strenuous. Landscapers who have the experience and preparations to finish a project at an affordable rate can make your life so much easier. Let time be on your side, hire a professional landscaping company that makes your home or business as you always envision it. 

Lawn Care At An Affordable Rate in Georgia

Make your lawn look amazing! A greener lawn is what makes your home stand out among the neighborhood. Whether you are looking to improve your yard & garden with a well-trimmed hedge or a just routine mowing and weed trimming, then we are the ones to call! If you are looking for an even great contribution to make your yard look great, we also offer hardscaping services and landscaping services that clear away paths, build garden plots, layout retaining walls and so much more! 

Taking care of your yard is a lot of work. It also takes a lot of time- time that a lot of us don’t have. That’s where the yard care experts at RLB Landscape can help. 

We’ll take care of fertilizing your yard to give it the nutrients and care your yard needs to be healthy all year long. There are many different types of grass around the Atlanta area. We know just the right type of fertilizer to use and just how much. We’re the affordable lawn care company. We’ll fertilize your yard like it’s supposed to be done. Let us take care of your yard like we live there- like we’ll have the bragging rights. 

About RLB Landscaping

Backed by more than 17 years of industry leading experience, we deliver an unparalleled degree of performance by providing our customers with cost friendly solutions for any and all lansdcape-oriented tasks. RLB Landscape is a commercial and residential based, multi-tiered landscaping service applicator that specializes in a variety of services.

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Our Lawn Care Mission

To educate, promote and instill confidence into our clients by conducting all landscaping activities using the most advanced methods and technologies available in the industry, to date.

To deliver safe, ecologically sound and effectively coherent landscape services at the most reasonable price possible.

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Our Lawn Care Landscaping Services Near Atlanta Georgia

Irrigation Repair and Installation Services Sugar Hill GA

Irrigation is a key factor for making your landscape lawn look lush and full of life! Get sprinkler installations and irrigation systems installed by the best irrigation company in Sugarhill GA!

Grass Watering Company In Buford, Grass Watering Company In Atlanta
Wall Building And Yard Work Company In Atlanta, Wall Building And Yard Work Company In Buford

Retaining Wall Installation Near Sugar Hill Georgia

When slopes and hilly lands are not providing the right function for your landscape, getting a retaining wall can improve the look and organization of the landscape. Retaining walls create barriers, build walls, prevent erosion and improve design appeal. 

Landscape Lawn Care Near Me

Make your local landscaping team RLB Landscapes! We are willing and able to work with you to make your landscape lawn care look better than ever! We offer a range of services that scale from commercial landscape design architecture to simple residential mowing and weeding services.

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